We are a design team producing web videos that move.


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MOBOX is an experienced animation, editing, and color workflow management group specializing in the art of online video production. If your brand has a style, MOBOX can enhance and optimize it. Our goal is to help you tell your story more effectively, in less time, with a higher production quality, more consistently.

We help figure out how to best tell your story.

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The MOBOX team releases free video tutorials weekly on the MOBOX YouTube channel. These cover Adobe After Effects and MAXON Cinema 4D. These videos are free for everyone and help us give back to the community of creators. If you want to take your support to the next level, we offer project files and animated presets to Patreon supporters at the $3/month tier.

Help us help you.



MOBOX started as a YouTube channel and a place for people to learn motion graphics. This drive to help people led to a growing interest in MOBOX as a solution rather than exclusively a resource. With an expanded scope, this led to an expanded team to cover different aspects of motion graphics, color managment and video production.